First appointment:

7 days after the operation, we fit the first provisional prosthesis at our Hamburg office. We exchange the temporary prosthesis, usually inserted during the operation and fit in a pre-fabricated glass prosthesis. During this consultation we are prepared to answer all your questions in detail and to make you familiar with the handling of the prosthesis.

Second appointment:

When after 2-3 weeks the patient has got used to his/her prosthesis and following shrinkage of the swollen tissue we will manufacture a custom-made prosthesis in the patient’s presence who will be able to take it home immediately.

After 6 months

Usually, at this point of time all post- operative changes are completed so that it is reasonable and necessary to provide a final prosthesis. Following this, renewal of the ocular prosthesis once per year is recommended due to wear of the glass surface.

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Augenprothesen aus Glas

Keine Massenproduktion, sondern individuell
und mit Liebe zum Detail angefertigt.

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Ocular glass prostheses

No mass production. Made individually
and with attention to detail.

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