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In 1959, Arno Müller (previously stationed in Breslau) established at Schlüterstrasse 6 in Hamburg the ocularist office for the manufacture and adaptation of ocular prostheses made of glass.

In 1961, the office was taken over by Werner Heumann who developed it into the only provider of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In 1993 Uwe Greiner-Wirt and Christoph Weidner became owners of the Institute for Artificial Eyes, Werner Heumann.

In January 2023, Uwe Greiner-Wirt took over the ownership of the Institute for Artificial Eyes, Werner Heumann as sole managing director.

In order to provide optimum prosthetic services, we have for decades been cooperating closely with numerous orbital clinics in Hamburg and the neighboring lander such as Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania.

By taking over the Rostock office previously owned by Walter Bäz we extended our activities to the cities of Schwerin, Neukloster, Rostock and Greifswald, where we work at regular intervals.

In view of the high local demand, in 2016 we added Lüneburg to our travelling list.

Uwe Greiner - Werner Heumann Institut für künstliche Augen e.K.

Present Owner:

Uwe Greiner-Wirt, Ocularist (BVDA) e.V.
Apprenticeship 1979-86 at Institute Müller and Söhne, Wiesbaden

For us, our active membership in our National Ocularist Association as well as continuous up-dating of our craftsmanship are essential. By this and by qualified communication between patient, ocularist and physician, we try to provide optimum care in line with the latest medical standards and ocularist techniques.

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Augenprothesen aus Glas

Keine Massenproduktion, sondern individuell
und mit Liebe zum Detail angefertigt.

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Ocular glass prostheses

No mass production. Made individually
and with attention to detail.

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